Principles of Security Solutions to Empower Informatics

Enterprise Ownership of Data

  • Centralized encryption key management gives you the power to control your enterprise data on any network, on any platform. Industry standard encryption combined with enterprise-class key management enables organizations to maintain control of sensitive data across private, public and shared infrastructures.
Share, Collaborate and Revoke Data Access in Real-Time
  • Pi-SOFT provides organizations with the capacity to share sensitive data with partners while maintaining control of shared data. In a rapidly evolving world, the alliances built today can become competition tomorrow. Centralized key management allows organizations to share data with partners while retaining the ability to revoke access to encrypted data instantly.
Audit and Track Sensitive Data Usage
  • Deliver information services to partners and customers with the confidence that your intellectual property is protected and usage is accounted. The value of information services driven by data depends in large part on the condition of the data and the ability of an organization to safeguard unauthorized access and prevent wholesale distribution of proprietary data sets.
Cloud Scalable
  • Scale with virtual infrastructure, no hardware to buy. Leverage the efficiency, reliability and predictability of cloud services like Amazon.

Our Solutions

Cloud Encryption Solutions

Encryption is the accepted solution for protecting sensitive data on managed cloud networks. Pi-SOFT offers data encryption with logically separate, centralized encryption key management.


Endpoint Encryption Solutions

Pi-SOFT endpoint solutions transparently encrypt files and protect data as it is shared and copied throughout the enterprise. More…


Database Encryption Solutions

Tricryption software enhances application and Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) security when accessing and utilizing relational databases. It encrypts and decrypts data at the row, column, and element level, also securing data-to-data relationships by encrypting the relational database table links. More…


Data Privacy Solutions

Tricryption anonymization secures sensitive, submitted ID data through the power of cryptography, deriving an encrypted alias/pseudonym that is appropriate for mining and other database correlation without privacy exposure risks.